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color fullbody commissions
Appledash by Fluffomaru
Sari comm by Fluffomaru
Emerald and Farbe trade by Fluffomaru
I will take 4 of these(so if you request after 4 have been asked I will decline it) and only one character per request.
please provide a colored reference, and any specifics you have.

I can't promise these will done quickly, when it comes to color I tend to take longer then sketches or pixel work.

Sarahardy01 feature

small feature of all the art she's made for me, because she made me so much ;w;

Blade and Petal by SarahHardy01 Making Silly Faces by SarahHardy01 Arctic Fluff by SarahHardy01 Loki and Fluff by SarahHardy01 Clint Barton by SarahHardy01 Kneel Before Me by SarahHardy01 Arctic Fluff in a Raichu Hoodie by SarahHardy01 Tail Bros by SarahHardy01 Arctic Fluff by SarahHardy01 Tail Buddies by SarahHardy01 Pixel and Ruiender by SarahHardy01 Stream Requests by SarahHardy01 Choco by SarahHardy01 Feta by SarahHardy01 Dimmer by SarahHardy01 Siren Trying to Relax by SarahHardy01
Chocolate Milk by SarahHardy01 I'm Gonna Snuggle You by SarahHardy01 Rainbow Bone Tail by SarahHardy01



:Loki: Lokitty page doll by PrinceOfRedroses
Contest entry: StevexLoki by rhauniffer Captain and Loki Cuddles (Request) by AngelEmlin

Thor -The Dark World Stamp - Loki smile by The-GreenGoblin MARVEL Loki Wink Stamp by TwilightProwler Loki  Stamp by TwilightProwler

Fandoms and opinions galore!

TFA Stamp by suzidragonlady Transformers Armada Stamp by Riiarei Beast Wars Stamp by SeishinKibou TFP-Prime supporter Stamp by 1Bitter1SugarMixed

Stupid Stamp by RecordRewind Starscream - I wanna be leader by Riiarei Stamp:: Kittycon Dance:: by JinoSan Animated Starscream Stamp by Dragon-Star-Empress Armada Starscream by higher-flyer TF-Give Me Your Face Stamp by rosa-pegasus Ironhide stamp lol by 00X181-033-4-9953XX3 I heart RT by eERIechan Stamp: Samurai Drift by BloodyChaser Sad Star by GeminiGirl83 Optimus Prime Stamp by TanukiKyuubi Starscream Fan Stamp by Dragon-Star-Empress Stamp: Puppy Dog Eyes by Araktugage Stamp: OH SHI... by Araktugage Stamp: They Come From Where? by Cor--Cordis Yoketron for supergeek17 by higher-flyerTFP Knockout stamp by D-NightRain Faction logo-checker stamp by daughter-of-Myou

MARVEL Loki Wink Stamp by TwilightProwler MARVEL Hulk + Loki Stamp by TwilightProwler MARVEL Thor + Hulk Stamp by TwilightProwlerMARVEL Hawkeye Stamp by TwilightProwler MARVEL Avengers Group Circle Stamp by TwilightProwler :thumb301929037: Loki  Stamp by TwilightProwlerThor -The Dark World Stamp - Loki smile by The-GreenGoblin
(crappy)SteveXLoki stampe by Fluffomaru

Friendship IS Magic by Mistralla
:thumb316353473: REQUEST:  Twilight Pie Stamp by inkypaws-productions REQUEST: OctaviaxDJ P0n3 Stamp by inkypaws-productions REQUEST:  AppleSoar Stamp by inkypaws-productions REQUEST:  Rainbowfire Stamp by inkypaws-productions Chrysalis Love Stamp by AbbieGoth :thumb286318864: I support Alicorn OC's Stamp by Atlanta-Hammy

Ninth Doctor stamp by Bourbons3 Dancing Doctor Stamp by TwilightProwler Waving Doctor Stamp by TwilightProwler Doctor and Donna Stamp by TwilightProwler DW Eleven Thumbs Up Stamp by TwilightProwler Stamp - The Master by deaddoll00 Stamp: Ood Love by FlantsyFlan

Organization XIII Stamp by SweetDuke Vexen Gropage Stamp by ladychimera Vexen Love - Stamp by PhantomessTerabithia Vexen Stamp by StampBandWagon Like This stamp 2 by Changeling007

Pokemon by Daakukitsune Pokemon N Stamp by Reitrou Stamp: Gundam Seed Fan by Nawamane

Soul Eater stamp 8 by Neji-x-Hyuuga He's A Pirate by azianwolfdoll Digimon stamp by Wucko BP_Ken and Wormmon Stamp by Stamp221 Digimon Adventure 02 Stamp by Stamp221 Groose by fricken-pimp Nyan Cat stamp by YukiMiyasawa Potter's Pincers by CaptainChibi Fred and George W. Stamp by iondra Stamp: Luna Fan by Arthyem Ninja Kitten by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me Beatles Stamp by rheall APH: Ludwig x Feliciano Stamp by Chibikaede Free Hugs 2 Stamp by SpannedSoul P2 - MAJESTIC. by SpinningStarshine Lemons by AssClownFish Stamp: Yuu Kanda by sirbartonslady Megamind Texting Stamp by Ski-Machine Woody Stamp by themonsterwithnoname Mello n' Matt by Tami6677 .:Stamp:. - Uryu Ishida by DontMooMe Vitani Stamp by RogueLottie Green Day Stamp by FlynnuxLinkin Park Stamp by Sora05grumpycat by rosariocentralplz

Again, Stop Caring About What Goes On in Beds by endlerBUT IGNORING ARTWORK IS SO HAAAARD by endler:thumb114507454: I heart hentai stamp. by RadioactivePopTart OC's Are My Babies by Foxxie-Chan Pairings Stamp by fluffy-the-wolf No such thing as Normal stamp by lonehowler I FxCKIN LOVE COLORING stamp by Samwich Fantasy is my Reality stamp by purgatori Foreign Music by genkistamps it mocks me by ajCorza anti storage stamp by smilelikeacid Stamp: Talk About It by RottedStamps Romantic Stuff by MaruLovesStamps dA is not Photobucket by MaruLovesStamps Friendship stamp by JinZhan:thumb98874067: Fave and Run Stamp by Spyridon All Original Character Stamp by yoshimiU23 OMG TROLL by dust-bite I Support ART by AnonIhmus Favorite Characters Stamp by Stamp221 Androgyny support by Suika-Sohma brb writing pronz by Dametora Artist stamp by smilelikeacid DA Stamp - Ernest Gaines Quote by tppgraphics Dance For Me by PsychoMonkeyShogun Contains Immature Content by PsychoMonkeyShogun Support Love by Kohaku0827 Disagree by linawifeofL I like Yaoi Yuri Hetero Stamp by whoot-hoot-party I love colors by crushedcore Pro-Slash, Anti-Misogyny Stamp by Giruveganus Stamp- Support 2D Animation by Fyuvix Stamp. by Shendificator Stamp - Not 'Asking for It' by Kotego Anti-Abortion by Operation-Mindcrime Somebody Gonna Get Mad? by ZerachielAmora Request XVII by paramoreSUCKS Daydream in 2D by World-Hero21 :thumb190083956: Fiction VS Reality by BoKStamps unoriginal style abounds by luxating Overrated by crimsonsaphire Respect, remake by paramoreSUCKS OH NOES IT WAS DRAW IN ANIME I WANT TO DIE by endler I Take a Long Time To Do Shit by DSMeatte Love Stamp by Rueme Fantasy vs Reality by Rawr-Naze Don't Hide Us by savagebinn 1500 species. by Fellmekke No changing it by Ramen27


:icontfa-shatteredglass: :iconmlp-fim: :iconponyartcentral: :iconfluffsponies: :iconpotatofishes:


Welcome to my page. I'm Fluffomaru, usually refered to as Fluff.
I am a fan of many things and adore drawing and looking at fan art.
There's tons of shit I should probably say about myself here but I'm lazy.
Thanks for visiting!

Another Believe it Or Not Stamp by endler Microsoft Paint User Stamp (small) by MarcellenNeppel
Nightcurrent stamp by Fluffomaru Siren Stamp by Fluffomaru


I reserve the right to display and use all art I make, whether its commissioned, requested, traded, ect.

only people who I have made the art for have automatic permission to repost WITH credit given to me.
Exception: certain kinds of tumblr blogs with links back to me.
like art promotional sorts of blogs or Terribleponies
FREE Mini Grumpy Cat Doll by YokoKinawa
EXCEPTION: Fanart is of course totally fine and greatly appreciated.

Terms of Service for Adoptables/customs/speciesAll of this goes for customs, and if you buy rights to one of my species.
Closed Species Adoptables:
when buying a closed species be sure to read any rules specific to the species before buying and credit the species owner when you use it at least the first time you use it if not every time.
-if you buy from me you may NOT:
resell for more then you paid.
add rare or uncommon traits without permission.
give to someone banned from the species(if you don't know for sure ask first)
steal it(or copy)
-you may:
Trade or gift it as long as you make sure the person knows the rules of the species.
Sell it for as much as you paid as long as the person knows the rules of the species.
Alter the design somewhat.
Draw it any way you please, commission art of anything you please.
RP with it
Write about it.
Leave it in your favs to rot.
Regular adoptables(non closed or original species)
-if you buy from me you may NOT:
sell for more then you paid(unless it has extra art)
steal it(or copy)
-you may:

Rules for adopts or customs from me.

Art Status

Pony Swag 15 by SugarCrestCafe

No Requests by Enjoumou Open PComms by Enjoumou FO Trades by Enjoumou Closed Comms by Enjoumou

make your owns and P2U bases-

Owed Art:trade with WhiteWing1
prizes for SarahHardy01 yazmen10 and monsterbutts

gangnam commission: Artict Fluff by ChocoMilkTerrorist


Oct 31, 2014
4:43 pm
Oct 31, 2014
4:16 pm
Oct 31, 2014
2:59 pm
Oct 31, 2014
11:42 am
Oct 31, 2014
10:58 am



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